Hong Kong Food Market

As per your request, Duff.

If you live in New Orleans, I would definitely recommend this place. Hong Kong Food Market – one stop shop for all your Asian cuisine cooking needs. Or if you just want to feel like you left the country for 10 minutes, I would go here too. ^____^

It is located in Gretna and they offer a wide variety of Asian groceries as well as every day items. There is also a great pho place in the mall that I really like. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a bubble tea place. (Lisa tells me that the call it Boba tea in LA but we call it bubble tea here. :P ) Anyhoo, yeah. This place. Awesomeness. And just reminds you of home. Assuming if you are from Asia or something… ^___^

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  • JZ

    Boba is the Taiwanese term, I believe. Boba originated in Taiwan…they have a huge pearl industry and pearl milk tea started there! (So they told us on the tour…but you know, Asia is full of sketches trying to make a dolla if ya know what I’m screaming.)

    Anyways, hooooray boba!

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